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Writing. Go ahead and send me prompts for Niff, Sebrek, Dameron, Jogan, Rane, and if you think of others that I can do. Ask me things and let me know what you think of my writing! :D

Prompt: More Fluffy Sebrek, with cotton candy

Derek came home from crew early to find Sebastian’s car parked outside already.

It’s not like it was anything new, because Sebastian came over all the time, even if he wasn’t home. It was weird because he hadn’t told Derek ahead of time he was coming over.

Derek entered the house and went upstairs to his room to meet Sebastian. As he passed jis sister’s room, he heard a familiar voice. 

"Pass the cotton candy, Panda." Derek looked through the cracked door and saw Sebastian sitting with Amanda and half a dozen stuffed animals.

they were seated at a tiny tea party table. Amanda was dressed in a princess outfit and Sebastian had a tiara on his head. Derek had to stop him self from laughing too loudly, not wanting to disturb the scene in front of him. It was sweet that Sebastian got along with his sister, as it meant a lot to him.

He could tell she already adored Sebastian by the way they interacted. Sebastian did anything to make her smile, and Amanda looked up to him.

Derek snapped a quick picture and was about to leave when he heard Amanda speak.

"Sebby, are you and Bear boyfriends?" Derek could tell the question caught Sebastian off guard. It caught himself off guard at how casual she brought it up.

"W-what- I mean- why do you ask?" Sebastian was flustered and unlike his usual suave self.

"Well you and Bear spend lots of time together and I saw you guys hold hands once. That’s what people do when they like each other. That’s what my mommy and daddy do and that’s what you and Bear do." It was said with such innocence that Derek has hope for future generations.

"Then I guess we are, Panda." Sebastian smiled at the little girl in front of himself. 

They went back to having tea, and a few minutes later, Sebastian caught Amanda staring at him.

"What’s up?" Amanda continued to stare, and then finally answered.

"Do you love Bear, Sebby?" Sebastian dropped his tea cup in shock and cursed inside his head.

"My, my, aren’t we full of questions today." Sebastian gave Amanda his signature smirk. "Yes, Panda. Sebby loves Bear." Derek continued to watch the scene as Amanda asked Sebastian to sing for her.

Derek left the scene after the opening notes of Under the Sea began.

He’d have to let Sebastian interact with his sister more often.