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Prompt: Sebrek; Sebastian singing For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert

Derek should have known something was up when he woke up tied to a chair with his hands handcuffed behind him.

He tried to gather his surroundings, but didn’t recognize where he was. It was dark except for lights on a little stage directly in front of him. The place smelled like booze, sweat, and aftershave. It was a weird smell, since the place looked to be deserted. 

Derek couldn’t even remember what he was last doing before he woke up here. He figured he must have been kidnapped, probably by one of his many ex-girlfriends, seeking revenge.

"Hello?" he called out into the darkness. "Cara? Johanna? Gabby? some other girl who hates me? Can you untie-"

As he spoke, a spotlight turned on, focused on a pole in the middle of the stage. Music started pumping from the speakers set up around the room. Derek watched as a slender body came out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

So hot out of the box

Can we pick up the pace

Turn it up, heat it up

I need to be entertained

Push the limit, are you with it?

Baby don’t be afraid

Imma hurt you real good baby

Sebastian Smythe stepped up to the pole, sliding up and down it as he sang. He was dressed in all leather. He had on the tightest pants Derek has seen (which with Hummel, he’d seen a lot of tight pants). On his chest he had an unbuttoned leather vest and a Dalton tie. He wore fingerless gloves and knee-high leather boots. The eyeliner on his eyes made his eyes stand out, and his hair looked as if he’d just gotten done having sex. The glitter all over is body was a nice touch.

This boy looked like sex.

Sebastian continued to dance around the pole as he sang, bending down as he was right in front of Derek.

Let’s go it’s my show, baby, do what I say

Don’t trip off the glitz that I’m gonna display

I told you, Imma hold ya down until you’re amazed

Give it to ya til you’re screamin’ my name

Sebastian winked as he jumped up onto the pole, sliding around on it. By now he had completely taken the vest off and was now working on the buttons of his pants. He had them unbuttoned, as he crawled his way towards Derek.

No escaping when I start

Once I’m in I own your heart

There’s no way to ring the alarm

So hold on until it’s over

He straddled Derek’s lap as he sang into Derek’s ear. He grinded down into Derek’s hips and he let out a moan.


 Do you know what you got into

 Can you handle what I’m ‘bout to do

 'Cause it's about to get rough for you

I’m here for your entertainment

He reached down to run his hand along Derek’s thigh as he got up. He then came close to Derek, hovering over him. He started to dance, rubbing all down Derek’s leg until he was down on his knees.

His hand was moving closer and closer to Derek’s crotch as he smirked at Derek. Before his hand could fully make it to Derek’s erection, Sebastian stood back up and went back over to the stage.

'Sall right

You’ll be fine

Baby I’m in control

Take the pain

Take the pleasure

I’m the master of both

Close your eyes, not your mind

Let me into your soul

I’m gonna work it ‘til your totally blown

Sebastian slowly and torturously started to pull the tight leather pants off as he rolled his hips around so fast, Derek’s eyes couldn’t keep track of them.

As Derek suspected, Sebastian wasn’t wearing underwear, again. Sebastian took the tie off from around his neck and flung it at Derek.

He went back to Derek, sitting back down on his lap, feeling the boy against his thigh.

Enjoy the show?" he whispered into tthe athlete’s ear.

"I would have enjoyed it better if you had untied me." Derek looked down at the rope around his waist and back up to Sebastian.

"But," he spoke, "You might have tried to interrupt the show, and what fun would it be to tease you, if you could do whatever you wanted? I’m in control tonight.

Sebastian licked the shell of Serek’s ear as he pulled away to grab his clothes and leave.

The least you could do is untie me you ass!

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